About Easyfloor

About Easyfloor

Easyfloor - Expertos en Microcemento

EASYFLOOR® is a leading manufacturer of microcement, micro-concrete and derivatives , with a proven guarantee and unique prices in the market.

We have a network of professional applicators throughout Spain who will advise and assist in the application of microcement in any type of work.

Microcement experts

EASYFLOOR® is a company created EXCLUSIVELY for the manufacture of cementitious derivatives, both dry and wet. Our group of companies has developed a micro cement and its derivatives with a unique and proven guarantee by our network of customers over the last few years. After a long period linked to the manufacture of microcement, applying our know-how in the sector and investing permanently in R & D, we have developed a superior knowledge on the subject, specializing in the industrial sector, and adding a long list of customers both professionals as individuals. We are the leading company in the manufacture and installation of microcement, self-leveling pavements and epoxies resins.

By and for professionals

We have available to the client professional technical installers who have certification and who were trained in our Company in all the Spanish, Balearic and Canary Islands. Our professionals are constantly trained and are aware of all the news, whether it is about new materials or applicable surfaces, application methods and everything related to the current use of these materials and uses. In addition, each work is supervised by a management team that determines that the work done is of total satisfaction for the Client.

We seek your satisfaction

Our company is based on the satisfaction of our professional clients. For that reason from EASYFLOOR® we solve your problems. We understand your needs and with our experience we guide you in your decisions. We plan, always at the request of the professional client, the works they carry out, thus giving a finish to the quality standards recommended by EASYFLOOR®.

We know what we do

We know microcement perfectly and we know how to satisfy the customer with an impeccable service, both in terms of delivery and in services and technical advice.