Product definition

Coating that is used as a base coat, delaying its drying, for the material GLAZES / PATINA , also serves as the base layer of the Venetian Stucco of our decorative line, an option for those applicators who prefer primers without “grit” , has properties such as : good adhesion and impermeability .

Exempt from toxic components .

Technical data

DENSITY: 1.45 ± 0.5 g/cm3
PRESENTATION VISCOSITY: white viscous paint.
PACKAGING: 1-4-8 Lts.
LIFE IN CONTAINER: Do not dilute with water, as it is presented in the package for 16 months under stable environmental conditions (+5 ºC (min.) And +32 ºC (max.)) Without opening the can. Preserve of frost and high temperatures.

Technical data aplication

FINISH: the dry appearance is matt white.
COLOR: it is presented in white but for certain decorative effects it can be dyed with our dyes / toners or with the universal dyes Estevid free of VOC as the previous ones.
PREVIOUS PREPARATIONS: Before applying the BACKGROUND PRIMARY GLAZES, the surfaces must be cleaned of any type of residue: dust, dirt, oils, fats, molds, lichens, flowers …, in addition to being cohesive, dry and free of any contamination that prevents its anchoring.
APPLICATION TOOLS: gun, roller, brush.
INTERVAL BETWEEN LAYERS: 12-14 h. at 20 ° C and 65% relative humidity and for the application of the GLAZES / SKINS and / or Venetian Stuccos 20-24h. with the same environmental conditions ..

  1. Gypsum board: apply one or two coats by diluting the material with water from 4 to 6% if necessary to improve its application.
  2. Projected plasters, perli-plastering: the same conditions as in the previous point, but previously (if necessary, by the presence of “brightness” and excessive burnishing) a small covering test in case we had to previously apply the paint (special) for Projected Plasters.
  3. Surfaces painted with plastic paints: the same conditions as in point 1).
  4. Other paints (enamels fundamentally): apply previously Multipurpose Primer as bridge layer.)
  5. Post-formed wood shavings (DM, agglomerates): apply Primer Veladura Primer until the total covering of the same.
  6. Repairs or leveling: the same conditions as in point 1).

NOTE: For the application of the Glazes / Patina, it is advisable to cover the support to decorate completely, because the Glazes / Patina is a translucent coating and if the primer has not completely covered the support, especially in the case of supports that present dark colors, “shadows” may appear.

WORKING TEMPERATURE of both the environment and the support: Minimum 7 ºC and maximum 32 ºC
PERFORMANCE: depending on the absorption of the support, number of layers and texture can range from 4 to 6 m² / lts.
PRECAUTIONS: none especially.