What is microconcrete

The microconcrete is a coating that is characterized by its hardness, strength, flexibility and being highly decorative. It is used preferably in commercial premises that are very busy and are exposed to wear, and for its aesthetic characteristics and endless possibilities of combination of colors and materials. The components of the microconcrete are a cementitious base and mixtures of aggregates, polymers and other substances that give a fine texture and very adherent to all surfaces. Pigments are also added to the mixture to achieve different colors.

This material is chosen by interior designers for commercial premises and industrial warehouses since it is very resistant to compression and abrasion and also produces a very avant-garde visual effect. It is mainly applied on pavements, although it is also used on walls, ceilings, stairs, even in bathrooms and kitchens. Your application is very simple.

The microconcrete is placed in layers. You have to mix the product and apply it on the surface to be renewed until a screed is obtained between 2 and 3 mm. Its maintenance is very simple: it only requires passing a damp cloth. You save a lot of money and construction time with the choice of this material since you do not have to break and remove the material that is underneath.