EASYFLOOR® , GUARANTEES THE PRODUCT FOR 10 YEARS, from the date of application, THE NON-FISSURE OF YOUR PRODUCT, BASED ON THE NORMS OF APPLICATION AND PREPARATION OF THE SUPPORT ESTABLISHED IN THE TECHNICAL DATA SHEET. This guarantee does not cover structural movements of the building or dwelling or cracks caused in the support where it is applied.

It is advisable on any pavement that has a retraction or expansion joint next to the wall.

The dirt that accumulates with the passage of time is removed by rubbing the surface with a cloth or sponge with water and a neutral detergent, provided that the MICROCEMENT layer is not scratched and 21 days have passed since the application of the product.

This guarantee does not cover scratches on its surface, so the legs of tables and chairs must be protected with felts and furniture or appliances must not be dragged or pushed.

The layers of MICROCEMENTO, JOINED TO THE ELECTED PROTECTIVE FINISH, will prevent the passage of external moisture and allow the exit of moisture from the substrate. In cases of walls or floors that have or absorb capillary moisture or external moisture, this can come out and be noticed in the form of spots or joints.

The colors of your letter, are solid to the light so they will not suffer obvious or exaggerated alteration with the passage of time, as long as the colors are original without degrading them with white, dyes or coloring.

If EASYFLOOR® does not comply with the guaranteed benefits, it will provide an equivalent quantity of product for the affected area free of charge, with proof of purchase, provided that the application of the product complies with the standards indicated in the technical specifications of the product and do not add any substance.

This Guarantee does not include labor, if it is not done by our specialized staff and your preparations would need.

The Guarantee is valid with the presentation of the purchase invoice presented to the client by EASYFLOOR® and begins from the invoice date.