Microconcrete well known in the field of architecture, is being increasingly adopted by designers of outdoor spaces for its versatility and high resistance to adverse weather effects, as well as its reduced cost that places it as a preferred economic option.

The plasticity, versatility and adaptability of this material has allowed its use in a host of elements in landscaped areas of villas and cottages, from the layout of roads to swimming pools.

Faced with other more traditional options such as natural stone, which can be out of tune with the most modern aspect of current houses, or asphalt, the microconcrete is an elegant and functional alternative. The possibility of using pigments together with microcement to obtain dyed micro-concrete opens a new world of possibilities to demarcate access roads for cars or roads through the garden, from monotonous options to clearly visual delineations. The surface of the microcement also allows an excellent adherence of the rubber of the tires and the footwear, avoiding slips, skids or squeaks caused by the vehicles. On the other hand, it is easy to maintain its good look thanks to the ease of cleaning, and can even be dispensed with any broom or brush in pursuit of a simple hose.

The microconcrete can be easily set in sheets and sheets to form benches, tables, barbecues and even decorative elements such as fountains or statues. However, one of the favorite applications that can be given, thanks to its exceptional impermeability, is as the outer coating of the large pool glass, where this product offers an interesting, decorative solution with a guaranteed durability superior to ceramic materials. commonly used.

The physicochemical capacities of the microconcrete give it a hardness to the unequaled grating, a high resistance to degradation caused by atmospheric conditions (rain, icing and thaw cycles, thermal contractions and dilation, as well as other similar actions) or by biological agents, in the case of gardens, especially caused by the roots of shrubs and trees or the growth of pioneer herbs.

These capabilities are only eclipsed by the large number of forms and aspects that the microconcrete can present. From the basic tone, through the various possible shades and including textures that mimic other materials, the microconcrete is an excellent choice for all those seeking a cheap, adaptable and customizable solution and, above all, free of complications.


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