The imperfections become visible (if any) during the first 2 weeks after applying the microcement . Both scratches and dirt are common in these weeks. It is recommended during this period to take special care of the pavement to avoid damage.

Once this period has passed, the material has hardened. However, we recommend waiting around 4 weeks to achieve its complete firmness and hardening, since the products handled by our company, being of optimum quality, require a longer hardening period to guarantee the best durability in Spain.

After 72 hours, the microcement and its sealing acquire between 65% and 75% of its resistant and waterproof properties.

The optimal conditions of drying, resistance and hardening are obtained in a space of 20 ° of humidity temperature. With a lower temperature than indicated, it will take approximately 1 more week for the entire drying and hardening process.

It must be borne in mind that during the drying and hardening period, the combination of cold and humidity higher than the aforementioned parameters may occasionally cause the final termination, losing a little shine and whitening the color

To clean the material you can use any detergent or neutral soap and a damp cloth. Manually or with some machinery (rotating discs). It is advisable not to use abrasive products such as metal brushes or sponges, sandpaper, abrasive discs, solvents, acids, etc. Since all these elements could damage the surface.

To avoid scratching the surface or losing shine, we recommend neutral soap and water. Periodically it is advisable to apply waxes to maintain the shine and take care of the protective layer of the floor.


The First 72 Hours:

Do not wash or clean the floor with any product. It is necessary to aerate the environment constantly in these 72 hours, since during the drying process steam is released from the water that produces condensation in the atmosphere vitiating the air.

Do not step on the ground during the first days. Maintain the ambient temperature by 15 ° C. Do not pour liquids on the floor to avoid changing the chosen color, with the possibility of whitening or lightening the surface.

The First 7 Days:

Use cardboard or paper to protect the floor. Cover the surface so it does not get scratched or dirty. You can clean the pavement very gently using only water. Avoid blows, falling objects, liquids, etc. Because the porosity is completely closed after the first week, avoid pouring liquids of all kinds. The temperature of the application surface must still be maintained above 15 ° C.

The first month:

During the first month it is necessary to take care of the surface avoiding moving heavy furniture that can scratch the floor. Clean only with water and neutral soap or detergent. After cleaning the floor will surely clear, this is normal. Remember to keep the temperature above 15 ° C for one month.

Salón cocina de microcemento