How to apply:

In the first place it is essential that the surface is clean. The support may be wet but not wet. Shake the container for about 30 seconds. For exteriors the HARD PRIMER COVERPORES is highly recommended, two-component that must be mixed until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Then you must apply both with microfiber roller.


Surface Preparation:

The application surface of the EASYFLOOR® BASE MICROCEMENT must be resistant, durable and completely clean and dry. You have to moisten the surface without leaving puddles of water to start.

Preparation of the mixture:

EASYFLOOR® BASE MICROCEMENT has a formula created based on a powder component and another liquid that is resin, both must be mixed in a homogeneous way, for which you can use a low-speed agitator, adding at the beginning about 1/5 of the liquid component, resin, especially the solid component. The mixture obtained should be uniform, without lumps.


Support Preparation:

The support must be clean, free of grease or wax and the base in good condition, solid, firm, and clean. The more smooth and better the base is, the better the results will be.

Product Mix:

EASYFLOOR® FINE MICROCEMENT has a formula based on a powder and a liquid element, which must be mixed homogeneously in 1: 2 to 1: 3 ratios in relation to the desired consistency, as follows: Add component A to a metallic container, then and little by little, pour the element B, in the necessary dosage for the chosen consistency, while the product is equated with a mechanical agitator of low revolutions. Mix vigorously for about 4 minutes or until you get a uniform mixture without lumps.

Application of Microcement:

Begin by applying 2 or 3 coats of EASYFLOOR® FINE MICROCEMENT in relation to the aesthetic finish you want to obtain (smooth or textured, with greater or lesser thickness), expanding it with a flexible trowel, pressing the product well, to achieve a plastering effect . Before the application of each layer, it is necessary to respect the drying time of each layer, and smooth the surface between layers, with manual tools and very fine sandpapers, of 150 grams approx., In order to eliminate imperfections and Allow them to adhere easily layer after layer. To finish, make a last sanding once the material has hardened. A total system thickness of 1.5-2 mm is recommended. If it requires more thickness, you must achieve it through the EASYFLOOR® FINE MICROCEMENT

Stipulated Work Time:

Doing this work will take between 15-20 minutes at about 20 ° C. Remember that the minimum temperature during application is 10 ° C.

Cleaning of Tools and Tools:

The used tools must be washed with water before use, before the product hardens, otherwise it will take a lot of work to remove it.


How to use:

Clean the surface completely. Make sure there is no moisture, oils, waxes, dust particles, grit, etc. Shake the container well and pass a first coat with a microfiber roller so that it is impregnated on the entire surface. Total drying will depend on the type of sealer applied and the temperature and relative humidity. The performance of microcement sealer is 10-14m2 / liter. 2 hands or 3 are recommended depending on the finish and thickness desired.

It is also recommended to apply a layer of wax to enhance the beauty and shine of the finish.