Microconcrete is a construction material with exceptional characteristics. Its resistance to scratching, its surface hardness and its spectacular capacity to withstand compression efforts make it one of the best solutions in the construction and decoration sector.

Far from being a fully enlightened science, materials engineering continues to surprise with breakthroughs even in historical materials such as concrete. By means of a finer processing of the cement particles, a mixture capable of setting in a ceramic cover with physical and chemical properties is obtained, which differ markedly with respect to other alternative materials.

Microconcrete is often used as a surface layer for walls and floors precisely because of this. The finest finish and the neat, smooth and shiny appearance cause amazement among those who still do not know the goodness of the material. Although it may seem trivial, we can not underestimate the positive aesthetic impact of micro-concrete. This property, together with the hardness and resistance, form the trio of features that have placed this product in the crosshairs of architects and designers.

Luckily, aesthetics are not incompatible with quality. The smooth and low porous finish gives Microconcrete a high resistance. This manifests itself in two ways. On the one hand, the material is not very reactive. Acids and other corrosives inflict little or no observable damage if the cleaning is carried out with certain speed. The microconcrete part with advantage with respect to its coarser version in terms of capacity to withstand the inclement weather. Cryoclastia, one of the phenomena that causes more incidents with common concrete, rarely takes place. The capillarity of the microconcrete is practically non-existent. This prevents both the appearance of the aforementioned physical degradation mechanisms and the reduction of the stress of comprehension of the material. On the other hand, the internal matrix formed after setting has a cohesion such that it is able to withstand all kinds of physical external aggressions without giving a sign of weakness. This is especially evident in soils exposed to constant movement.


The hardness of the microcement puts an end to a string of very interesting features. Its unpolluted appearance is guaranteed thanks to its outer layer, which is difficult to penetrate. Scratches, incisions, sharp actions and abrasions usually have no effect. No matter what happens, Microconcrete always remains perfect.


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