Microconcrete begins to consolidate as one of the great trends in interior decoration in the new year that begins now. And although the preference for coating floors and walls with this component is already established
In the new constructions and rehabilitations, not only this raw material can be used for these uses. In 2016 the interior designers are betting on other creations made with this material.
A growing idea that seems to be gaining strength in 2016 is to use the Microconcrete in kitchen or bathroom countertops. It can be integrated perfectly with the furniture and modules under the countertop of a lifetime, gives them a touch that is not usually seen. The novelty is an element that must be constantly played when creating a space that is surprising and not boring, without renouncing elegance.

Some go further and place furniture under counter adapted to the space with this material. The furniture can be manufactured integrally in Microconcrete, or have a countertop from another material such as wood, granite, artificial stone, or even iron. If you do not want the things that are usually kept in sight, you can also create drawers or wooden doors as they fit perfectly into the hole made with Microconcrete.
Also in the bathroom the Microconcrete is starting to be used to build the cubicles for the shower, simply leaving a space to enter, and building shelves in the interior with the same material, being integrated in a very uniform and minimalist visually.
One of the most novel elements that are being made with this material, but that has more and more followers, are the coffee tables for the living room. Currently it is not easy to find a house where a piece of furniture of these characteristics is used, and it may seem a difficult element to install, but they are much easier to make than it seems: the structure is made with panels that are then covered with Microconcrete.
So, you know, if you want to give any space in the house a modern and original touch without losing an ounce of elegance, these are some of the main trends that will be in full swing in this year 2016 that now begins.


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