Product definition

It is a mixture of waxes in aqueous phase of easy application and maintenance to apply both on our systems of stucco and microcements, and other mineral supports: marbles, slates, other ornamental stones polished or unpolished and also on the decorative materials of coating derived from clay-clay.

The material of the treated support is waterproofed and protected from the most common pollutants such as environmental pollution, alkyd enamels via spray or manual painting and markers, allowing permeability to water vapor and presenting great resistance to alkalinity.

Lightly revive and embellish the treated material.

It is a protective and embellishing material by definition, not just a conventional “anti-graffiti”.

Physical location

Both exterior and interior.

Technical data

DENSITY: 1 (more / less 1 g / cm3)
PRESENTATION VISCOSITY: slightly whitish / yellowish liquid
PACKAGING: 1 and 5 Lts in qualities Brillo and Mate.
LIFE IN CONTAINER: Do not dilute with water, as it is presented in the package for 14 months under stable environmental conditions (+5 ºC (min) and +32 ºC (max)) without opening the can. Preserve of frost and high temperatures.

Technical data application

FINISHING: Transparent, lightly revives the color of the substrate / treated material.

  • Once the film of the PROTECTOR ANTIGRAFFITI REPOSITIONABLE is dry, it can be smoothed or removed on thicknesses, with a light mechanical sanding-polishing with 800-1000-1200 or Superfine grain disc, this finish is optional, you can choose to give it a especially fine touch.
  • You can also diffuse the film, applying white spirit or solvent without odor applying small amounts with a crankpin or textile buffer, to later pass to the mechanical or manual polishing, this technique is useful if in some area close to the view too much texture has been left With the application tool, this finish is also optional.

DILUENT: Product ready to use, but before certain applications on more porous systems dilute with 4-5% of water, in the 1st hand if desired.

PREVIOUS PREPARATIONS: Before applying the PROTECTOR ANTIGRAFFITI REPOSITIONABLE the surfaces must be dry, cohesive and clean of any type of residue: dust, dirt, oils, fats, efflorescences, molds, lichens, in summary free of any type of contamination (visible and invisible) that prevents the correct adherence and operation of the product.

APPLICATION TOOLS: Gun, sponge, brush.

  • Aerographic projection (gun): with 1.8 or 2 spout, 2.5 or 3 and 2.5 or 3 atm pressure nozzle, the ANTIGRAFFITI REPOSITIONABLE PROTECTOR can be applied without diluting.


  • On our system of MICROCEMENTS and STUCCO apply two or three thin layers.
  • On polished or unpolished ornamental stones, idem.
  • In both cases two or three layers are applied depending on the absorption and regularization of the finish.

INTERVAL BETWEEN LAYERS: 5-7 hours in environmental conditions of 20ºC and 65% relative humidity.
This time fluctuates depending on the thickness of the applied layer and type of support.


  • In the application on our system of MICROCEMENTS, STUCCO, ornamental STONES and other supports previously described, its use as waterproofing, polishing system or anti-graffiti function, the optimal protective action will come to be developed after 4 days from the application of the last layer, with the environmental conditions described above.
  • Always considering the total thickness of the layer, type of support and environmental conditions; the greater the thickness, the longer it takes to wait for the film to crosslink and, therefore, to maximize its physical-chemical properties.


WORKING TEMPERATURE BOTH OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE SUPPORT (exterior-interior): Minimum 7ºC and maximum 32ºC.

PERFORMANCE: depending on the absorption, texture and desired effect, ie more or less vitreous layer, 75 g / m2 to 125 g / m2.


MAINTENANCE: For the elimination of graffiti and / or graffiti, apply acetone until the total elimination of it will dry and pass a dry cloth polishing lightly.
When the PROTECTOR ANTIGRAFFITI REPOSICIONABLE has disappeared completely, done relatively far, since it resists many cleaning actions, since the acetone does not destroy the first, the layer of the same, apply again the PROTECTOR with the same system and in the number of layers.
Depending on whether the texture is smoother or rougher, the elimination will be more or less effective and the cleaning intervention more or less exhaustive.

TOOL CLEANING: water and soap.

PRECAUTIONS None especially.