Product definition

Mixture of flavored waxes with natural essences, which is used to color the Coarse and Fine Texture Plasters on the surface; it is also applied on the Fine Marmorino in one of its finishes;the “Travertine effect” or the “encaustic effect”, in addition to providing other decorative utilities such as the patina-aging of moldings, in metallic effects, furniture …

  • The main difference with the “waxes to the water” is its great plasticity and redissolution regardless of the time elapsed, both with the wax itself, as with white spirit and / or odorless solvent.
  • This property gives you magnificent possibilities such as reducing the color of the work when it is finished, applying a color on a dry one (fresh on dry), mixing both, etc.
  • The Colorless Wax apart from serving to reduce shades of the Coated and Fine Color Texture Chart. It also serves for the polishing / protection of our stuccos; in this case apply it with spatula or stainless steel trowel and every 8-10m² or failing at 10-12 hours in environmental conditions of 20◦C and 65% relative humidity, we will pass to mechanical polishing.

Technical data

DENSITY: 0,85 (more/less 0,05 g/cm3)
LIFE IN CONTAINER: 16 months in stable environmental conditions (+5 ºC (min) and +32 ºC (max)) without opening the can. Preserve of frost and high temperatures.

Technical data application

FINISH (without color): Transparent matte unpolished, with mechanical polishing shown
bright, lightly revive the color of the substrate / treated material.

14 (including the White Color Wax) referenced in the Color Chart REVOCO DE TEXTURAR GROSS and FINE + COLOR WAXES, we also have Colorless Wax.

  • Usefulness of the White Color Wax: to diminish or make “pastel” tones with the intense colors of the letter.
  • Usefulness of Colorless Wax Color: to reduce the color concentration (intensity) of the tones of the letter and for the polishing / protection of stuccos.
  • All colors can be mixed together.
  • Starting with the Colorless Wax or White Color Wax, you can make customized colors, dyeing them with Estevid Universal Dyes or Coloris Dyes / Toners available.

DILUENT: Product ready to use, but in certain applications it can be diluted with
solvent (white spirit) without odor.

PREVIOUS PREPARATIONS: Before applying the WAX COLOR the surfaces must be dry, cohesive and clean of any type of residue: dust, dirt, oils, fats, efflorescences, molds, lichens, in short, free of any type of contamination (visible and invisible) ) that prevents the correct adherence and operation of the product.

APPLICATION TOOLS: sponge, brush, cloth.

  • More information on utilities and application in the Technical Sheets of the Coarse, Fine and Fine Marmorino Texture “Travertino effect”.


For the polishing of our classic Venetian stuccos, Venetian to Cal, Venetian to Cal “Cristal” and Venetian to Roller the application system to be followed will be as follows:

  1. Extend the Colorless Wax color on the coated wall, with a body bucket spatula or stainless steel trowel, taking special care not to leave “burrs” or thicknesses of the same, in addition to using a tool in perfect condition.
  2. After elapsed approx. 12 hours, we will pass the mechanical polishing.

TOTAL DRYING: progressive

WORKING TEMPERATURE BOTH OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE SUPPORT (exterior-interior): Minimum 7ºC and maximum 32ºC.

PERFORMANCE: depending on the absorption, texture, application tool and desired effect.


TOOL CLEANING: water and soap.

PRECAUTIONS None especially.