Excellent quality, fast installation, easy adhesion on any surface, material and environment, resistance, long duration, great variety of colors, maximum cleanliness and cleanliness, rustic finish and saving time and money: these are the main characteristics of the microcement, a coating polymer that is composed of fibers, aggregates and other elements that result in a cement base that, when extending over the surface to be worked, acquires a thickness of between 2 and 3 millimeters, unlike the common cement, which is approximately 5 centimeters.

As a novelty introduced in 2016, the EASYFLOOR Base micro-cement incorporates fiberglass strands to provide additional resistance to any movement of the support.

Microcement can be placed, for example, in very busy floors and walls, since it resists weight and footsteps for many years, but also high temperatures and water. Materials such as plasterboard, marble, wood, concrete, plaster, tile, plastic, metal and others are optimal to be covered by this new product, without removing the material below, ie without having to make debris or dirty the place where the task is done.

On the other hand, in an aesthetic sense, the microcemento is chosen by designers and decorators from all over the world to fix it in commercial premises because it is so manipulable that it allows performing “artistic” finishing, giving it a colorful and avant-garde stamp.

Undoubtedly, all these benefits make this product one of the most attractive construction and renovation alternatives for the home, offices, premises, lounges, barbecue areas, patios and other spaces, whether they are open or closed.