Microcement application sites

Commercial premises

Tienda paseo de la habana Madrid con microcementoAmong the different versions of microcement finishes that we have, the one that assures us an avant-garde finish has become the best option for commercial premises.

This termination allows us to use it in areas of high traffic, without joints and with the widest range of tones. That is why, our microcement is among the preferred materials for the creation or expansion of numerous shopping centers.

Among the advantages that make our microcement stand out , with respect to other materials, is the permissibility of placing a brand, logo or advertising on the finish, whether on floors or walls.

Also stands out among its advantages, the possibility of combining our product with a wide variety of other materials.

Industrials premises

Nave industrial con suelo de microcementoThe large spaces need a finish that ensures a hardness according to the merchandise of great tonnage. That is why, it must be a resistant material.

The group of technicians with whom we work have the necessary experience to place the microcement on large surfaces safely and efficiently. This placement is adapted to the activity that takes place inside the industrial warehouse.

The execution periods are agreed in advance in writing. This allows predictability in the times and costs of the work.


We guarantee a special completion for parking, this is feasible thanks to the roughness of the finish (usually 2 to 3 mm). This completion assures us an avant-garde surface, as well as fast and easy maintenance.

The finish achieved with our product, gives us an enormous capacity to resist the passage of wheels of different weight. We achieve a higher roughness than is usually achieved.

When obtaining a flat surface, we do not need the use of joints, as we do not need to remove the preexisting surface.

The microcement that we elaborate is the ideal for parking lots or places of continuous vehicular traffic. In addition, our product ensures a renovation and expansion of spaces quickly and easily.